Home stay in Nepal let’s stay with rural host family enjoy organically grown fresh food, fruit and vegetable. Nepal is a country of village there are 3633 villages in Nepal most of the villages are not accessible by road beside Village stay in Nepal -Ecotourism homestay program Nepal that there are 130 municipalities on developing process. Some of village where there is a transportation facility available and untouched by modernity, organic farm in Nepal going to promote these villages and provides village stay facilities on natural and family environment. home stay in Nepal is an ideal trip to enjoy the rural village lifestyle culture, something new experience beyond the hustle and bustle of urban areas.

village stay in Nepal is the unique to Experience warm hospitality of Nepali family. organic farm Nepal offer best option for home stay in Nepal provides locally grown organic food, where you can pick vegetable by your own, grass feed milk, yogurt. Beside that you can work with host family member, neighbor, tending animals, digging the fields, going to school with the children of farmers, sitting in the sun talking to neighbors wow amazing village stay can you imagine it lets explore once in a life time, enjoy village stay in Nepal. On the weekend organic farm provides guided day hiking, village walk trip on surrounding hills free of cost, from the farm and surrounding hills you can see the world highest peak Mount Everest, Makalu, Cho-oyu, Kanchenjunga etc.

Home stay in rural villages Nepal is cheaper then to stay in hotel provides all fresh organic food, get an opportunity to familiar with people, lifestyle, and culture enjoy local Nepali food and celebrate festivals with host family. Most of the Nepal traveler visit urban and nearby villages of most popular trekking regions like Everest, Annapurna, langtang but these areas are influenced by the western culture. During the period of home stay in Nepal with us, organic farm provides an opportunity to stay at those villages where you can fell the real hospitality of Nepal comunity and their innocent service with smile. There are lots of unexplored things on villages that you have to see before die explore rural villages of Nepal and enjoy village stay in Nepal. Remember for cheap and best village stay opportunity in Nepal that you remember forever. If you need more information about homestay in Nepal fell free to contact us.


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